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Area UltraSound Light v.1.0

This program is available in two versions: Light and Pro.

Area UltraSound Light is an “abridged” version suitable especially for the sonographers' offices.

It's a medical management software for easy and practical reporting which lets the sonographer manage all the phases of an ultrasound examination

One option of the program allows the immediate management of the appointment diary, from which you can automatically obtain the patient's relevant clinical file.

In this file you can manage all the specific ultrasound and color-doppler diagnostic procedures with the corresponding costs and the following drawing up and automatic print of the invoice.

Free report writing is an important feature of this software, as well as the ready-made reports that can be easily used to simplify the drawing up of the report.

After connecting the ultrasound scanner through the supplied S-video (Y/C or S-VHS) cable and USB converter , you can immediately start the video capture by using the ultrasound monitor on full PC screen and perform the ultrasound scan.

With the cordless micro remote control, the sonographer can immediately - and without time limit - capture photos and videos that are stored directly in the file of the patient under examination.

You can capture up to 999 photos and 999 videoclipsfor each ultrasound examination.

You can easily remove unwanted photos and videos from the patient's file, edit videos by hiding text in the movie, resize the video and cut parts of the video.

It's automatically possible to burn a CD/DVD containing the report, the photos and videos and give it to the patient.

At the end of the examination, it's possible to send by email the report, complete with photos, to the doctor in charge or the specialist.

Area UltraSound Light allows to compress the video and to convert it automatically into the specific .flv format to be sent and uploaded in the www.ecomovies.it website.

Totally new version in modern development environments.

  • Immediate availability of the program
  • Single patient's data archives with research tracking in the general patient-related data archives.
  • Archives management on quick and safe professional MySQL database
  • Data search with no waiting times.
  • Epidemiologic and administrative results in negligible times (Pro version)
  • Data, photos and movies archives even on Central Server.
  • Client/Server access
  • Web, local/wide area network
  • Optional link to the hospital information system
  • Management of the Ultrasound file complete with all the Ultrasound and UltrasoundCD procedures
  • Report sent automatically by email to the patient's doctor
  • Photos and videos captured and stored directly in the patient's file with new remote control
  • Micro capture converter on USB port (desktop/laptop PC)
  • Maximum resolution (PAL: 720x576) photo and video capture
  • Modifiable video capture speed (up to 30 frames/second)
  • Watertight cordless pedal for video capture (on request)
  • Automatic compression codec for the captured video to save space on the hard-disk
  • Captured Video Editing functions (video cutting and cropping for a display)
  • Video compression after editing
  • Delivery of the research to the patient on CD/DVD with photos and videos.
  • Conversion and automatic sending of the final file in .FLV format to be uploaded on www.ecomovies.it





Micro capture converter on USB port (desktop/laptop PC)

The Easycap converter and transmitter/cordless receiver for video and photo capture are supplied with Area US Light complete with S-Video cable for the connection to the ultrasound scanner.

Hardware requirements

For Windows® 98/NT/2000/ME/XP/VISTA

- Pc with Pentium III 400 MHz processor or superior processor
- 128 MB RAM
- 40 GB Hard disk

Minimum system requirements

- Pentium 200 processor
- 64 MB RAM
- 10 GB Hard disk
- Photo and video capture card




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