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Area Ultrasound NEW adapter WHITH audio

Micro capture converter on USB port (desktop/laptop PC)

The Easycap converter and transmitter/cordless receiver for video and photo capture are supplied with Area US Light complete with S-Video cable for the connection to the ultrasound scanner.


Area Ultrasound.

This program is available in two versions: Light and Pro.

Area UltraSound Light is an “abridged” version suitable especially for the sonographers' offices.

It's a medical management software for easy and practical reporting which lets the sonographer manage all the phases of an ultrasound examination

Area Surgery
Area Surgery allows the management of both a minor operation in day surgery and a classic operation during an admission. Made up of different windows, this program is ideal for classic and videolaparoscopic surgery; the selection of the patient's positions on the operation bed helps the visibility of the surgery access both in VL and open-sky surgery.
Area Pneumo

Area Pneumo is a program that allows the management of a pneumology file especially focused on bronchoscopy and thoracoscopy.

Professors Carlo Mereu and Lorenzo Corbetta, the specialists who contributed to analyse the program as well as the clinical contents in the patient's file, have especially zeroed in on the endocopic terminology to standardize common endobronchoscopic and specific tumor-related lesions.

Area Gastro
Area Gastro is our latest release. The sources have been entirely rewritten; now we use a stable and powerful DataBase (MySQL) that guarantees the maximum safety of sensitive data and offers an extremely fast research and management of a great quantity of data.

Area Gastro is the answer to the modern needs of a Gastroenterologic and Endoscopic operative unit because it manages the clinical data of a complete Endoscopic file (Gastro-Colon-ERCP-USEndoscopy) including, optionally, Internal Ultrasonography.
Area Endo .

Area UroEndo is a software that allows to manage a urologic endoscopy (both diagnostic and operative) clinical file.

The program is made up of various screens where you can record the patient's personal and anamnestic data and the examinations performed on the patient before the urologic operation.

Area Cardio
Area Cardio base version allows to manage the data of a cardiology and echocardiology file.

In the various windows that make up the program, you can record the patient's personal data, as well as the anamnestic data complete with lab, physical examination, ECG data. It's also possible to record the reports (X-rays, CT, NMR, etc.) produced by the patient before the examination.
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